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Inspirational Reading

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This book is essential for all women who are now on their own after being in a long-term relationship.

It is written to empower YOU.


It answers the questions that you have about:

• Ways to feel happier 

• What you need to know about dating 

• Beauty tips and trends

• Meeting new people 

• How to protect yourself and your finances 


It provides answers, and actionable strategies to help you define and create the life you want to live, equally important it provides information and resources to protect yourself and your finances. 

The world is a very different place for a Newly Single Woman.

This book will guide you through things you need to know to live

Happy, Healthy, and Safe. 


Joy Casillas weaves all the important details together in a way

that makes you feel like you have a friend guiding you through

the uncertainty and confusion.


You will have new tools and perspectives

that enable and support you to create your new life

filled with satisfaction, happiness, connectedness,

and pride in yourself for the resilient and beautiful woman you are!

Book recommendations

for you now...

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This book by Mel Robbins helps you build the habit of taking action which is key to creating a life you love!  

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I loved the simplicity of this book and the reminder that our life is built by the decisions we make every day. Each decision builds on each other to create your life.

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This is a short book that describes the 4 codes of conduct that will lead you to a peaceful love of yourself and others.

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Suze Orman is a financial guru.  She teaches how our relationship with money impacts our life and how to we can gain control of our money cycle.

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The Secret is a modern classic book on the process of manifesting a life you love through the energy of your thoughts and feelings.

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If you have a daughter under the age of 18, this book is a necessity!  It blew my mind when I read it and made me realize the difficulties my daughters faced every day.

Book Recommendations

for Kids

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This is a fantastic all around book for kids.  It teaches them not only how to be successful, but also how to be a good person.  This is the teen version of one the best selling books of all time!  (Yes - I do recommend the original for you too - Stephen Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey (the Father of this book author, Sean Covey)

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