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Book Newly Single Woman by Joy Casillas

This book is essential for all women who are now on their own after being in a long-term relationship.

It is written to empower YOU.

It answers the questions that you have about:

​• Ways to feel happier 

• What you need to know about dating 

• Beauty tips and trends

• Meeting new people 

• How to protect yourself and your finances.


Pre-order NOW!


Our mission is to empower Newly Single Women to live big, satisfying lives by providing
them information and resources needed to be Happy, Healthy, and Safe in this dynamic single world.

Happy New Year!

A message from Joy, the founder of NSWC.

​Hi everyone.  It’s Joy Casillas from

I couldn’t let this first day of 2018 go by without wishing you a Happy New Year. I know that sometimes being a single woman can be very difficult and overwhelming and I want you to know that our community is here to support and encourage you to stay happy healthy and safe

while you build the dream life that you want. 


Please visit our social media, including

Newly Single Women Community Facebook page.

We really would love to hear from you.

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