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Do what is right for you...with Courage and Kindness

Have you ever felt like you gave chunks of your life away to others?

Looking back do you see that you supported other people to live their dreams but you put your dreams on the back burner or didn’t think they were as important as supporting someone else’s?

How did that turn out for you?

When I was growing up I wanted to help everyone I knew. I wanted to be there to support them and cheer for them and to see them achieve their goals. I thought that being a good girlfriend/wife meant to always be there for my spouse. I thought that loyalty meant I would always jump to help the others in my life whenever they asked, no matter what that meant I might have to give up.

What I have learned throughout my life is that I still believe in loyalty and caring for others.

I still enjoy being a supporter for others and seeing them succeed.

But also, that by making our own dreams come true we can help others. We inspire and make others happy by letting them also see us achieve our goals. Our children, family, and friends become so proud when they see us overcoming challenges…and sharing our achievements with them.

We lift others up when we are on a happy path through learning and activity…and of course, we are happier too!

The thing is that many people think that “doing what makes them happy” or “living in the moment” means they can do whatever they want, whenever they want. That rarely makes people happy. In fact that usually makes people feel heavy with guilt and regret afterwards, which is really the opposite of happy.

Since I am a mother of two teenage daughters, I often think about what I want to teach them. I still want my daughters to be kind and thoughtful to others, AND I want them to live big, happy lives doing what they love. That is the same thing I want for YOU.

The key I have learned is to...

“Do what is right for you…with courage and kindness.”

This is a mantra you can recite to yourself whenever you are faced with a decision. Think about what you want and need. Think about how you will feel about your actions tomorrow.

Decide what the best action is for you, and also decide how you can take that action while caring about how others will be impacted by it. Be tactful with your words and actions, but firm in your decisions for your life.

This is very different than only focusing on being kind to others. This is also being kind and courageous for your own life.

This is what I teach my daughters….and what I have taught myself.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Let me know how this simple phrase impacts you, your decisions, and your life.

Live in possibility,

Founder & CEO

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