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Interview on the OC Talk Radio - The Coaching Perspective, “Creating A Community for Newly Single Wo

“Creating A Community for Newly Single Women” with Joy Casillas, Founder and CEO

Paul: It's time again for the one show that takes a look at a business from a different perspective, the coaching perspective with master certified business coach Doug Gfeller. Hey Doug!

Doug: Hey Paul! Glad to be with you here in the studio and with our wonderful guest. Well, look, I'm a master certified coach by the International Coach Federation, and I've been coaching leaders and their teams, for I think, it is 21 years, now, helping them to clarify their objectives and reach their goals. And if you would like to know more about my coaching services, just go to the website

Doug: Well, let's get right into it, our guest for today is Joy Casillas. Joy is a single, working mom, turned author, life coach, and entrepreneur. After living the single mom lifestyle for ten years, she's learned through the ups and downs what she wishes, she'd known earlier; we've all been through that. She's passionate about sharing this knowledge with other women who now find themselves in a drastically different world and with a dating scene, alien to what they remember from their past. Her mission is to empower newly single women by to live big, satisfying lives by providing the information they need to stay happy, healthy and safe as they emerge into this new single world. With this goal, she's also founded, and we'll give you that address again, a place for women to access the information, resources, and support they need anytime from anywhere. Welcome to the Coaching Perspective Radio Show, Joy.

Joy: Thank you so much, Doug. It's great to be here.

Doug: Well it's exciting to have you here. Joy and I met about six months ago at an International Coach Federation chapter meeting, and I said, hey you should be on the radio show, and of course she said no, no, I'm just getting started and I've been pushing her along the way and she's been running fast and here you are today.

Joy: Absolutely, thank you so much. It was very exciting to be invited to come on the show, and you're right, initially I was like, oh my gosh, I don't know how I would, how I would be on the show but I'm very excited and to your point it has pushed me to really speed up my process of getting the word out and building out websites, and creating this community for women and I'm so happy that you offered this up because it really did speed up the process and I'm excited to provide that to women,

Doug: Well, you know I share a trick with you, I was in the building business many years ago, and you know, if you've been out to look at new homes they always have a model complex and do you know why they have a model complex? The reason they have it is, if they didn't have a model complex in a grand opening, it would never get ready to open. You have to have a deadline, and I think I was fortunate to be able to provide somewhat of a deadline for you. Well, look, tell us a little bit about yourself, what did you do before what you're doing now.

Joy: Right, so as you mentioned, I mean, I've been a single mom for over 10 years, I am a marketing services sales rep in a full-time capacity, so that has been the job that I've had and I've worked from home with kids and traveled for client meetings and things like that. It's been a really great job, and I'm happy to have been able to have some flexibility while my kids grew up. When I first got divorced, they were both five and six, and now they're 17, and in two weeks my youngest will be 16, so they're 15 months apart, but they're getting older, and it's afforded me a little bit of time to take back to myself and really start to focus on what's important to me and this all happened, as it does in life, right, everything happens for a reason and it came together very quickly and I'm just really thrilled to be able to have the Newly Single Woman Community website up as you mentioned, the whole mission is to really share with women what that experience of being single is when you'e been in a relationship for years, I had been with my ex-husband for 20 years. Came out of that marriage and really was overwhelmed with everything that I really didn't know or I was very, I felt I was very naive and there were things that I had to learn and society was different, dating was different, you know, the whole invention of cell phones and social media had become very, very big, online dating was very big, so the whole social scene was different and coming out of a long-term relationship like that, you also have breakdown of relationships outside of that, so friendships and couples that you've hung out with for years, you know a lot of that changes and so you're left with this place, that you're trying to build out a new community, a new life, learn everything, still have your job and support your children, if you have them, so there's a lot to cover, and this, my mission really is to help those women, to supply resources, information, support and build a community for women to go to, to really make that a smoother process than it was for me. I don't want them to be in situations where they're in any capacity not protecting themselves. Whether that be their own self and their own body or their home, their children, their finances. There's so much to really think about, and I just want to make sure that that's out there for them,

Doug: Okay, well you know and we were talking before the show started, him and we had a title for today's show and we got through it out and we're still searching for a title because you are so multi-dimensional, I don't know what tagline to put on you, I do, okay and I say that as a compliment. You have this book that you're working on that will be out in January, that you're going to tell us about you, you do speaking engagements, you've got your website up to create an online community for resources and that for women, you still have your sales job that brings it in the food on a daily basis, so it's like you're everywhere across the board here.