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"Thank you." Joy's thoughts after being on the radio show "The Coaching Perspec

I am taking a moment to say "Thank You"

to everyone who has contacted me with their thoughts

and excitement about my appearance on the radio show last week.

It means a lot to me that many of you have said that I have inspired you to move forwards with your own pending plans, dreams, and goals.

I have communicated with many of you who are really connected to the vision of this community to support Newly Single Women. Whether you have experienced this phase of life in your past, are currently going through it, or never have/never will, you all have provided positive feedback and energy to me and to the growth of the Newly Single Women Community.

I continue to grow and learn many skills that I never knew before,

connect with many amazing people, and overcome my own fears of

taking "imperfect action" to get each step completed.

Although I am a rookie at all of this, I will continue to build. I hope you will continue to get value out of what this evolves into! We are currently working on getting a community forum page loaded so that we can have conversations directly on our site! I am looking forward to that! I will continue to add more blog posts and I am diligently working on getting the Newly Single Woman book completed and published so it will be available to those that want it.

Keep connected with us!

And keep giving us messages of feedback and ideas. We will keep building out information and resources to keep you empowered to live Happy, Healthy, and Safe! :)

Live in possibility,

Founder & CEO

As always, please send me your comments in the box below, and don't forget to subscribe to our community!

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