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Hello to 2018

Whether 2017 has be a great year for you, or a not-so-great year for you, it is rapidly coming to a close.

2018 is waiting with arms wide open to take you in and encourage you and support you in accomplishing your goals. So, do you know what your goals are for 2018 yet?

The first step in getting what you want is to decide what you want.

This seems like such a simple statement and yet so many people have a hard time knowing what they really want in life. Take a moment and just let yourself dream about what you want your life to look and feel like. Seriously. Visualize your life so clearly that you can feel your response to it. When you can feel the happiness and the energy from your vision, it becomes that much more certain that you will make that vision become your reality.

So let’s take this further - beyond this first stage of wanting. To do this, ask yourself this question,

"Based on the dream I have for my life, what would have to be true for that to be my reality?”

Now right down what comes to mind. Each time you answer “well, I would need to…(have, do, or be...)” then based on that answer, ask yourself the question again. Keep asking yourself that same question about each answer…. “What would have to be true for that to be my reality?”

Keep going in this manner until you have connected where you are today with your new vision of reality. You have just created the path to get you what you want! That is so exciting!

So now you know what you want AND you have created a path of what you will need to have, do, or be to make it your reality. If you take the actions required to get you to each next step, you will create your dream life.

I wish nothing less for you. 2018 is here, and you are ready!

As always, please send me your comments in the box below, and don't forget to subscribe to our community!

Live in possibility,

Founder & CEO

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